Always More : Perfectly Undone Campaign


When I first posted Always More, part 1, I never anticipated what it would evolve into. My NBP Model Team had the idea to do a completely all natural shoot to fully embrace their own true beauty, and I was so blown away and inspired by these amazing young women (see Always More, part 2). Again, I have been overwhelmed, in the best way, by the responses of so many women, of all ages.

The truth is, we all struggle with feeling worthy or good enough, in some way or another. Some of us feel inadequate in our appearance, others in our value to other people, some still in talents or skills. But the emotion is still the same…wanting and needing to be validated and assured. Am I good enough? Am I worthy? Am I beautiful? Am I wanted?

The answer is simply YES.

This is so so important you guys. We have way too many things in our everyday lives that are telling us we should be a certain way, or use this, or own that, and if you don’t, then you just aren’t good enough. Girls need more influences telling them, heck, shouting it – YOU ARE ENOUGH!!! You are so worthy. You are so perfect and beautiful and treasured exactly as you are. God made you perfect!! Girls don’t get enough permission to simply feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.

 Not everyone is uncomfortable being without makeup and hair undone, but for some of you, it is a really big deal. You feel incredibly vulnerable and self conscious, and you might not have ever felt beautiful unless you have your makeup all done up. (Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with wanting to do your hair and makeup. Just know that you do not have to do that to be beautiful. – your beauty is not defined by the presence of these things) I know the impact the natural shoot had on my girls. For some, it was stepping out of their comfort zone and being truly vulnerable. For others, it was more about coming along side their friends and being supportive. But for all, it was a sense of empowering each other, of embracing each other just as we are, and feeling beautiful together. Community over competition.

And let me tell you, it was pretty awesome to witness.

“The shoot we did really had an impact on me because I don’t like to do much without makeup and leaving the house to go to the shoot, I kept talking about how much I was going out of my comfort zone, but I felt alive and it was so awesome! I just feel beautiful without stuff on my face! True beauty is all natural and thank you for helping me realize it!”

I think we have the opportunity to be atmosphere changers here.

So here’s the deal…

I am going to do the Always More: Perfectly Undone Campaign on October 18th. I am asking any and every young woman who wants to be a part of this, to come and join this large group shoot. The only requirement is that you come with no makeup and your natural hair – no products. I will do individual pictures for everyone that comes, and we will do a large group picture as well. My hope is that we will get as many young women from as many schools as possible to stand together and embrace their own natural beauty. To create an opportunity to truly feel beautiful, exactly as you are – to empower one another. Let’s make a statement and start putting other influences out there, telling one another YOU ARE ENOUGH, just as you are. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, just as you are. YOU ARE WORTHY, just as you are. We allow society to dictate and influence our definition of beauty, worth and value. God tells us different – He tells us that we are valuable, worthy, treasured, cherished, wanted and deeply loved – regardless of our appearance or performance. Let’s come together and stand in that truth.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, email me or comment on this post. If you live far away or cannot make it that day, but still want to be a part of this campaign, email me a picture of you perfectly undone and I will include you in the post following the event. Send me quotes or thoughts on this – let’s start a real conversation. We all struggle with it – so let’s come together and empower one another.

Please please know – You are loved. You are cherished and adored. You are more than enough. You are worthy. You are beautiful and stunning – exactly as you are ❤

5 thoughts on “Always More : Perfectly Undone Campaign

  1. I would definitely like to be apart of this photo shoot… I think it’s very important to be comfortable in your own skin with or without make up.. As being a 20 year old adult who never wears makeup I would like to show other women that’s it’s okay to embrace the natural Beauty we have all been blessed with. I live in Albany so distance isn’t much of a problem for me 🙂

  2. I am interested in participating as well – is it open to any age? And where would the location of the photo shoot be? Thanks! -Azrael

    1. While I’m primarily focusing on middle school – college age girls, I’m certainly not going to turn anyone away that wants to be a part of this! It will most likely be in Sweet Home – for those who are not local, but want to be involved, I’m asking them to email me a photo of them perfectly undone (no makeup and natural hair – no products), and I will include it in the post! I will be posting the time and exact location of the shoot within the next week.

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