Always More // part 1

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It’s a small word that affects so much – how we value things – Unfortunately we live in a society where we tend to over value things and under value people. And we let other people influence the way we value ourselves – what we feel our worth is…or isn’t. Being ‘pretty enough’, ‘thin enough’, ‘popular enough’, ‘athletic enough’…good enough. Media telling young women what they should or shouldn’t look like, how they should act or be, what they should like, and very little telling them to embrace who you are – embrace your incredible uniqueness, the true beauty that you possess.

Always More is something that developed out of some pretty incredible and raw conversations with other girls. It weighs heavy on my heart that there are so many young women who question their worth, beauty and purpose. I have such a deep rooted need to fight this with everything I have in me. I think girls need something other than the media to tell them what beautiful is…to help them see how incredible they are, how stunning they are.

I brought this to my model team and we discussed how social media and society today puts so much pressure on women to look a certain way, act like this or that, have to have these clothes, use this make up, or be this size…the list goes on and on. Media paints a picture of perfection that is unattainable, because the painted picture is exactly that…painted. Pictures of models that had professional hair and make up crews, personal trainers, and even then, the image is altered. Everywhere we turn, there is something telling us we aren’t enough.

Except you are.

You are more than enough. You are perfection, just as you are.

You are beautiful – with your natural hair, no make up, exactly as you are – that is so beautiful. And there is so much more to you just a pretty face. You are brilliant, strong, funny, sassy. You are talented and unique. You are a good friend, a fiery soul and a stunning personality. You are fierce. No one else has your gifts and your story. Everything you are is beautiful. The things that you are passionate about, the way your eyes light up when you get excited or when you see someone you love. The way you laugh. The way you view the world. Your ambitions. The things that make your heart beat fast. All these things make you…and I’m telling you – YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!

You are always more than media and the world tells you. You are always more than you give yourself credit for. There is always more fight in you, more strength, determination, ability and love in you than people tell you. You are always more than your history, than your mistakes, your brokenness. Life is messy, and you are always more than that mess. People hurt us, leave us broken, but you are always more than that brokenness, those hurtful words and horrible names.

You are not defined by these things.

You are infinitely and always more.

Just as you are.

So this is my heart…this is my passion and purpose. To help young women see their worth. To help them see that they are flawless, just as they are, right now, beautiful.

Always More.

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