Isabel // SHHS 2016


It has been a whirlwind trying to get caught up and all of these amazing sessions posted. Several weeks ago, I got to spend the evening with Isabel. She is spunky and beautiful – so much fun! And she plays the ukulele!! So of course we had to get some pictures of that as well.

Isabel, you are just lovely! Thank you for choosing me for your senior portraits!! ❤

sweet-home-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-isabel_0003 sweet-home-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-isabel_0001 sweet-home-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-isabel_0002 sweet-home-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-isabel_0004 sweet-home-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-isabel_0005 sweet-home-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-isabel_0006 sweet-home-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-isabel_0007 sweet-home-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-isabel_0008 sweet-home-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-isabel_0009

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