Chase // CHS 2016


I am officially ending my blogging hiatus!! I have been so busy doing sessions and editing, that I have not had time to catch up on all my blogging…so here we go – I’ve got soooo much to share with you all!!

Chase is an amazing young man. He is talented, hard working, focused and such a genuine, nice guy. I got to do a quick session with him earlier this year, and since then, he has been making quite the name for himself, landing the NPRA Bull Riding Champion and Rookie of the Year, on top of numerous other buckles and winnings over his busy summer. If you enjoy rodeo, this guy is one to watch!!

canby-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-chase_0001 canby-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-chase_0002 canby-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-chase_0003 canby-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-chase_0004 canby-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-chase_0005 canby-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-chase_0006 canby-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-chase_0007 canby-high-school-oregon-senior-portrait-photographer-nicole-briann-photography-chase_0008

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