nicole briann photography oregon senior photographer Ilima // Johnson Brothers Greenhouses Coburg Oregon

Seeking True Beauty // my perspective on senior photography

nicole briann photography oregon senior photographer Ilima // Johnson Brothers Greenhouses Coburg Oregon

When I was in high school, there was basically two choices for senior pictures: the standard school pictures with a cheesy backdrop and stiff pose, or a photographer that was 2 hours away. Clearly, I chose the other photographer, along with approximately 85% of my senior class. We all thought this guy was great – he did outdoor pictures with a variety of backgrounds, and that was basically a new concept to have non-studio pictures done. The problem was, each and every one of our pictures looked the same. There was zero originality in our portraits. I look back at my senior pictures, and you cannot tell a single thing about who I was at that time. I did the classic cheerleading uniform and letterman jacket, so you could tell what I did – but nothing about the images reflected who I was. There was nothing unique to me. I had no connection with the photographer and minimal interaction throughout the session. In such a pivotal time in my life, going into my senior year of high school, I felt there was so much more to me than what was reflected in the images I received.

I love people. I truly love getting to know people and their unique, amazing stories. I enjoy getting coffee and talking with people, getting real and to the core of what makes them tick. I am constantly inspired by people, and connecting with my clients is what drives me.  I believe that everyone has beauty, and so much lies beneath the surface. Who you are, what you enjoy, your heart and passion, your creativity and brilliance – all that makes you who you are. And who you are is beautiful. It is important for me to connect with my clients on a real level, bring out that gorgeous girl you truly are. I want to look beyond the surface, and really get to know you. What makes your heart beat fast? What makes you feel alive and beautiful? What inspires you? I don’t want to miss the core of who you are – All aspects of your session should fit you. I believe your senior pictures should reflect this time in your life, speak to who you really are. Not just the pretty face, but your fun, sweet, sassy, stunning personality. I want you to look at your pictures, and feel like you really see your authentic self. I want you to feel beautiful and comfortable during your session, and for you to have fun! You have a unique story, and I love being a part of developing a session and capturing images that helps show that off.

I would love to chat with you, get to know you – grab coffee and plan your perfect session. If you feel I’d be a good fit for you, contact me and we’ll start planning! ❤

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